Clover88 Homes CHARITABLE FOUNDATION was created to solve a need discovered through practicing family law. In my decades of practice, I have been retained by clients who are temporarily homeless, with no place to live. This situation sets the client back for months from starting to build a new life after divorce or separation.

Almost everyone has had a friend or family member who was suddenly homeless due to their domestic situation and had to live in their truck or surf friend’s sofas until they could figure it out or get a court order.

Please donate to this worthy cause.

Short-term Housing Help

CLOVER88 HOMES CHARITABLE FOUNDATION, a 501c(3) organization will provide your clients short-term housing. We are in the early fundraising initiative – Phase 1 – seeking cash donations initially providing 1-2 overnights with a proposed start date of June 1, 2020.

In the future we will be organized to receive donations of real estate that people may have expensed and no longer want at today’s fair market value. The real estate donations will be managed for the highest and best use.

This foundation will soon become a resource your firm will be proud to provide to your clients.

Please donate to this worthy cause.

  • Phase 1 Fundraising Goal: $50,000 7% 7%

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